Ribo Yuan

I'm a


I am a senior student majoring in Computer Science at University of Delaware. My career interest center around Data Science and HCI.

  • Birthday: 18 Feb 1999
  • City: Newark, DE, USA
  • Age: 22
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science
  • Email: riboyuan@udel.edu
  • Sports: Soccer
  • Instrument: Piano
  • Language: Mandarin, English, Korean


Undergraduate Research Assistant

2021/6 - Present

Sensify Lab, University of Delaware – Newark, DE

  • Designed and developed front-end HTML5, CSS & JavaScript interface
  • Developed Python back-end with Flask and WSGI interface to Apache webserver
  • Applied D3.js to build dynamic and responsive time-series charts
  • Utilized Socket.IO to achieve bidirectional communication between web clients and servers
  • Stored user account information and electricity consumption data in an SQLite database
  • Designed and implemented data retrieval algorithms to reduce data retrieval time by 20%

Data Analyst

2021/02 - 2021/05

A.I.Whoo, LLC – Newark, DE

  • Worked independently to design, develop, and test a Python program that is able to extract, export, and analyze human gait data
  • Collaborated with a team to implement an app for the Android platform using Java
  • Utilized extensive knowledge of Agile methodologies to successfully complete projects on time
  • Developed storyboards, mockups, and prototypes to communicate interaction and design ideas

Undergraduate Research Assistant

2021/01 - 2021/02

Behavioral Health & Nutrition Department, University of Delaware – Newark, DE

  • Collected and aggregated data as input for a machine learning algorithm that is able to annotate videos automatically
  • Implemented 2 new features for a proprietary annotation program using Python


Electric Vis

2021/6 - Present

This is a project that I am working on under the supervision of Dr.Mauriello at Sensify Lab, University of Delaware. This project explores the relationship between energy lifestyles and sedentary behaviors toward reducing energy demand and promoting physical fitness.

  • Front-end: HTML5, CSS & JavaScript
  • Backend: Flask
  • Deployment: WSGI, Apache
  • Charts: D3.js
  • Realtime, bi-directional communication between web clients and servers: Socket.IO
  • Database: SQLite


2021/02 - 2021/05

This is a Python program that I developed during my internship at A.I.Whoo, LLC. It extracts, exports, and analyzes data from human gait videos.

  • Language: Python
  • Extract video frames: OpenCV
  • Charts: Plotly

TRAILVision (Available on Google Play)

2021/02 - 2021/05

This is an Android application that I designed and helped develop during my internship at A.I.Whoo, LLC. We used this to manage over 50 trail cameras and more than 200 maintenance history records.

  • Design mock-up: FluidUI
  • Language: Java
  • Database: Firebase


I like to capture a moment that's beautiful and fleeting. Photo is a way to take control of passing of time and record precious moments.